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Bottle Size: 0.1 fl oz or 4 mL

  • Reduces the preservatives
  • Suitable for red, white and sparking wine
  • Does not alter the taste
  • Treat a bottle or glass of wine


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Safety Directions

Do not use for any other purpose and only use as directed. In the case of accidental eye or skin contact, flush thoroughly with water. When added to wine, all of the hydrogen peroxide is converted into harmless sulphates.

Instructions for a glass

Add 1 drop of Wine Magic™ to a 150mL glass of wine, mix gently.

Instructions for a bottle

Add 5 drops of Wine Magic™ in a 750mL bottle of wine, mix gently. Treated wine is best consumed within 24 hours.

Wine Magic

Please Drink Responsibly: Wine Magic™ does not promote or endorse excessive alcohol consumption. It is important to understand the effects that alcohol abuse can have on individuals, communities and society. Please drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.

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