Wine Magic™ Testimonials

Wine Magic™ continues to work its 'Magic' and has positively impacted wine drinkers from all over the globe. Check out these testimonials.

“I am so thrilled at the thought of being able to consume a glass of wine, without suffering a severe reaction – similar to a very bad head cold – affecting my speech breathing and sinus headache”

“I’m one of those poor wine lovers that can’t drink the stuff because it makes me itchy and affects my sleep. On behalf of wine lovers the world over who are allergic, a big thanks!”

“After many decades of enjoying wine I was recently diagnosed with allergies to the preservatives in wine, since then life really has been nowhere near as enjoyable.”

“Bought your product last night and it worked extremely well. I get headaches from the lowest levels of alcohol consumption, especially red wine, and it was a nice change to wake up without a dull head. I think you’re onto a winner!”

“This product rocks! Three times drinking now and no sinus congestion, no huffing, no headache… fantastic! Will be putting a bottle in my handbag to take out with me in future too.”

“I have been using this product consistently for a few months now. The reason I love it is not so much for the headaches but the fact that the psoriasis I have been living with has all but cleared up. I need to add I have given up gluten too and do have a good diet but I am totally convinced the sulphites contributed to the problem. Thanks to WineMagic™ (which I now carry in my handbag)”

“I recently was introduced to these wine drops by a friend, as she has watched me many times drink certain wines that cause me to have a reaction i.e. sneezing constantly and having watery eyes. Not anymore!”

“Having been unable to drink wine for most of my life without the inevitable headache and sinus, I can now enjoy a glass of wine without these problems. It’s hard to believe something so simple and inexpensive works. I make it a point of displaying the drops when I am out socially as it is amazing the number of people with the same problem as I have.

Congratulations on your ‘invention’, I am just sorry these weren’t available years ago – all that wonderful wine I could have sampled.”

Wine Magic

Please Drink Responsibly: Wine Magic™ does not promote or endorse excessive alcohol consumption. It is important to understand the effects that alcohol abuse can have on individuals, communities and society. Please drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.